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Based in Madrid, Spain

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Jun, 2015

Wii U


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Every story has a beginning. But this one starts at the end. You just killed the last boss. Great. Now what? The only thing you remember is that you’ve lost your memory. Well, at least you’re still able to teleport yourself… a few meters. Is that it? Play the role of Kurt and discover a fun, old-school 2D platform game with a multiplayer mode. Explore over 40 levels as you try to recall your memories and look for the way back to…well... wherever it is you came from. A story told backwards, full of twists and surprises. More than 40 levels that will challenge even the most experienced players. A multiplayer mode in which you can help your friends... or make their lives miserable. Classic pixel-art aesthetics that will take you back to the golden age of video games. Welcome to Roving Rogue.


Roving Rogue was conceived and prototyped during the summer of 2013 by five students to participate in iDÉAME U 2013, a contest where the best game would be released to the Wii U. After delivering the prototype in october 2013 we won the contest and started the proper development of Roving Rogue. During our development we attended several game events such as Madrid Games Week 2014, Gamelab 2014 and RetroMadrid 2014, where we received valuable feedback from all kind of players.


  • Frantic gameplay! Be fast or the lava will kill you!
  • Teleport through walls and enemies! Feel the power!
  • Local multiplayer up to 4 players!
  • Challenges in every level, get the three figurines!
  • A dark, harder level at the end of each zone
  • Discover our story as you play, you’ll love the plot!
  • 40 different levels in 6 zones
  • Replayability value to play solo or with your friends
  • Awesome looking pixel art


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Awards & Recognition

  • "iDÉAME U" Madrid, 2013

Selected Articles

  • "Poder jugar con otros tres amigos es genial, y que cuenten la historia desde el final hacia el principio puede ser muy interesante"
    - Desconsolados, Link to the site
  • "[Roving Rogue] resulta ser un plataformas multijugador bastante interesante"
    - Vandal, Link to the site
  • "logran que no podamos evitar estar horas jugándolo cada vez que lo muestran en una feria"
    - Wincars Racer, Link to the site

About PadaOne Games

In Padaone Games we have an extensive expertise on game development with Unity 3D for mobile and desktop platforms. We are pioneers in Spain on the use of Unity 3D for AAA-looking games in consoles, and we have developed our own technology on top of Unity 3D to support console development

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Roving Rogue Credits

Game & Level Designers
Angel Arenas Civantos
Dario Muga Gonzalez

2D Art & Music
Angel Arenas Civantos

Lead Programmer & Social Media
Dario Muga Gonzalez

IA Programmers
Dario Muga Gonzalez
Francisco Aisa Garcia

Gameplay Programmers
Antonio Jesus Narvaez Corrales
Dario Muga Gonzalez
Francisco Aisa Garcia
Ruben Mulero Guerrero

Level Editor Programmer
Antonio Jesus Narvaez Corrales

Wii U Specific Programmers
Dario Muga Gonzalez
David Llanso Garcia
David Rodriguez Perez
Pedro Pablo Gomez Martin

Story, Plot and Dialogues
Josue Monchan

Pedro Antonio Gonzalez Calero

Carol Mico
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