In Padaone Games we have an extensive expertise on game development with Unity 3D for mobile and desktop platforms. We are pioneers in Spain on the use of Unity 3D for AAA-looking games in consoles, and we have developed our own technology on top of Unity 3D to support console development

AI Geeks

We have developed AI for NPCs integrating both finite state machines and behavior trees.

With this technology we can efficiently control in Unity 3D smart as well as stupid zombies, and coordinate them all

Custom Workflow

We have developed custom tools in order to streamline the development for consoles in Unity 3D including tools for accelerating common repetitive actions in the Unity 3D editor and:

  • Configure an in-game QTE system
  • Configure by name animations and sounds in the characters
  • Control parameterized character behavior

Custom GUI

We have also developed our own GUI components independent from those provided by Unity 3D thus allowing us to implement complex logic for the GUI and have a better control on the assets used for drawing the GUI

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